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Arcadia Monitoring System
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     -  A/D Converter
     -  Visible Light Meter
     -  Temperature Sensor
     -  Humidity Sensor
     -  Build A DEVA

     -  ARCADIA
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The Truth About Orbs
Photographic Analysis 101
EMF Meters Explained
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V.I.P.'s - OKCPRG Research Site Webcam

    Oklahoma City Ghost Club - My friends at the OKCGC

    OKCPRG Message Board - I frequent this Message Board

    Society for Paranormal Investigation - Great research site

    Paranormal House (Formerly MESA Project) - Great scientific/psychology based group

    PROS Investigations - Newest OPRA members - very thorough reports

Recommended Equipment Suppliers

    Magnii Technologies - New innovative digital gaussmeters and even an EMF meter that can IGNORE POWER LINES!

    AlphaLabs, Inc. - Suppliers of the TriField Natural and UHS 3 Axis EMF meters. - Suppliers of the Profi II meters. - Suppliers of EMF meters, shielding devices, and other paranormal research supplies. - Lots of paranormal research supplies available here.

    DigiKey - Suppliers of component level (electrical) parts.

    Mouser - Another supplier of component level (electrical) parts.

    Parascience Shop - Equipment suppliers in the UK.

Other Sites Paranormal

    Bad Psychics

    Deadframe Paranormal

    Ghost Study

    Paranormal Search Engine

    If you would like your site added to this list, e-mail me at and we'll work something out.

    More to come

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