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Dust - Eliminating - Video - Apparatus
Last updated 9-3-2018
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DEVA 3.0

     Conceived by Jeff Davis, and designed and built by Erik Smith of the OKCGC, and Becky and Ron Cosgrove of the OKCPRG, DEVA (Dust Eliminating Video Apparatus) effectively removes ~99% out-of-focus dust contamination from night shot video. When dust is closer than the focal point of the camera's lens, it appears out of focus to the camera. When it passes the beam from the infrared light source, it reflects off the dust and it appears to illuminate. This gives the appearance of "moving orbs" on video, even though it really is just floating dust. Try it yourself, set up your camera on nightshot and then stir up some dust around it, there will be "orbs" everywhere! To read more on how out-of-focus dust ruins photography and video, read the "Truth About Orbs" and "Photographic Analysis" page.

     DEVA 1.0 was first tested at the OKCPRG Research Site on November 2nd, 2002. Since then, it has evolved into a highly stable dust elimination unit. DEVA works by sealing the area in front of the camera lens, ensuring that everything shot on video is past the focal point of the lens. When used with an infrared light source remoted >3 feet from the camera, it removes nearly all dust contamination, and even if dust still gets in the way, it is in focus and looks just like dust, not paranormal "orbs". Currently, we have ran over 50 hours of video without dust contamination. Pre-DEVA, in order to verify video anomalies we had to use dual camera protocol, ie, two synchronized cameras side by side. After the first few dozen hours of video, we realized that it wasn't necessary anymore, because if properly used, DEVA eliminates all dust from the video equation.
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