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Last updated 9-3-2018
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    Awe, the ever-changing "About" page - if you have followed this site from its birth in August, 2002, you know what I'm talking about! The basic evolutionary/adaptive life of a ghost hunter turned paranormal researcher (GHTPR for short) is paranormal within itself. I started out a simple man - I loved the stillness and "creepiness" of the areas in which being a ghost hunter/researcher brought me. I would get excited over every photo with "orbs" in it, and would jump at every branch scratching at a window. Oh yea, and my EMF meter was a cheap $30 device you could order from 100 different online stores. Why couldn't things just stay like that? Things were much easier back then, more naive, more intriguing. Moving on through the years, I realized that orbs were nothing more than dust directly in front of the camera lens (which I give an in-depth analysis of in "The Truth Behind Orbs"), and that most everything we consider to be "ghostly" has more to do with human psychology than "spirits" themselves.

    I have found that because of the lack of physical evidence of haunt phenomena - outside human-based phenomena such as RSPK, etc., I believe that every haunting has to do with the environment more than a ghostly presence. Researchers such as Persinger, Roll, Wiseman, Spottiswoode and many others have found environmental ties (outside visual cues) to places that are considered "haunted" - from varying magnetic fields and infrasound, to correlations with Local Sidereal Time. Whatever the correlation, they all seem to point to the human brain as being the key to accept these triggers and create anomalous experiences. With the invention of a highly advanced environmental monitoring system, Arcadia, I have found the same correlations to be true - many haunted sites show environmental variances, especially in static and AC magnetic fields, as well as other odd fluctuations. These variations can play tricks on the brain, creating a feeling of sensed presence, cold chills, "tingling" down your spine, etc., that are synonymous to hauntings. With innovations such as Arcadia, I developed my own investigating techniques, mimicking that of many peer-reviewed studies. The only difference is I have written these reports in layman's terms (somewhat...), so the general public will be able to finally understand these correlations.

    I am working to bringing the resources that the every-day blue collar person could not obtain in the past. In-depth research articles, circuit schematics to build your own equipment, etc., are all in the process of being presented to the world, free of charge, through this website. It used to be that only psychologists and engineers with Ph. D's could have the resources to utilize and understand such theory and equipment - now I hope to bring everything to level in which the common public can understand. I hope that everyone can find good use of this information, and further not only your own knowledge of the unknown, but the worlds' knowledge as well. Feel free to send any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. to

    This website, research and equipment expenses are all funded out of my own pocket - the only monetary compensation available is what little I make from banner advertisements and commissions to Please help support this website by making a small (or large...) donation!

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