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Research Equipment
Last updated 9-3-2018

   Here is some of the gear I use on investigations and for research. Click on a thumbnail for a larger image and description.

   The bulk of my equipment is in Arcadia, which is a computer-based environmental logging system. Click here to see details on Arcadia's equipment.
     Imaging Equipment:

Digital & Hi-8 Video Cameras

Thermal Imager

Digital Camera

Night Vision Scope

35mm Quad Camera

35mm SLR Camera

Waist Camera Case

External Flash

Visible Light Meter

     EMF Equipment:

DSP-523 Power Lines Filtering EMF Meter

MT-263 AC EMF Meter

UHS 3-Axis AC EMF Meter

MultiDetector II Profi

TriField Natural Meter

GaussMaster EMF

Super GaussMaster EMF


E.L.F Zone Meters

Prototype EMF Array

Frequency Generator

Pen EMF Meter

     Audio Equipment:

Digital Recorders

4 Track Recorder

Analog Tape Recorder

External Microphones & Stands

In-Ear Monitor

     Atmospheric Equipment:

Digital Temperature Monitor

Digital Temperature & Humidity Gauge

Temperature Monitor

Humidity Gauge

Negative Ion Generator

     Miscellaneous Equipment:



Motion Detectors

Radio Frequency Counter

Two-Way FRS Radio

NiMh Batteries & Charger

Memory Cards

Misc. Equiptment

Zipper Case

Carrying Case

    More to come

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