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Arcadia Graphs: 3

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    Recorded at the historic Overholser Mansion in Oklahoma City, this was recorded on a TriField Natural during sit down. It shows a 37 milliGauss fluctuation in the local magnetic field, lasting only about a second.

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    This visible light fluctuation was recorded on an investigation of an abandoned church with an adjoining cemetery. It was recorded inside the church, with standard lighting on. A constant RMS brightness of about 43 lux was normal, but while no one was inside the building, the lighting dropped to 30 lux for less than a second. This was accompanied by two more similar light fluctuations, all within a 3 minute time span.

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    Recorded inside the same abandoned church as the last graph, this shows a sharp 9 milliGauss shift in the west-east local magnetic field.

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