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Lost Church Investigation I

Description - EVP - Photos - Stats


     Before this church abandoned in the 1920's, it was an African American church during a time of racial segregation. This could be why this church is located in the middle of nowhere, miles into a country road. The church was very strict, and the previous owner of the church even says that the preacher would use belts to discipline children. The church was abandoned after the preacher had a heart attack and died inside the church.

     This church is in surprisingly good condition, considering it has been abandoned for over half a century. One would think it would be the biggest party spot for local teens, but it shows no signs that anyone has even stepped inside the church since it was abandoned. Other than minimal weather damage, it is is near-perfect condition.

     Mary invited me to investigate this church after getting some positive video and a few pictures. There were only 3 people on this investigation, Mary, Mekko, and me, so it was easy to control the site and keep the data uncontaminated by outside sources. As soon as we were done with the investigation, we went back to Mary's house and watched the infared video. The video camera picked up about 3 EVPs, though most are hard to hear due to the video camera microphone sensitive. My digital recorder was recording at the time of one EVP, and that audio clip is below. Some positive photos were obtained, too, on this investigation, which are also below.


Profanity - Full Audio (MP3 format) Profanity - Amplified EVP
Location Date & Time Recorded By Recorder
Lost Church 10:15pm 8-26-02 Justin Olympus Digital VN-1800

    I see a light at Mary's feet, and I take 2 pictures. As I am walking away you can hear a male voice say "You f*cking b*tch; F*ck!" and a female voice whisper something like "There...". We did hear a noise, but no voice (you can hear me say after the EVP "That last noise wasn't us"). There were only three people at the site, Mary, Mekko, and me (Justin), and this is not any one of us talking.


Click on a thumnail to see the full sized picture. Pictures will open in a new window.

Date: 08/26/2002 - Time: 9:45 PM

Moving Orb
Date: 08/26/2002 - Time: 10:00 PM

Moving Orb
Date: 08/26/2002 - Time: 10:05 PM

Date: 08/26/2002 - Time: 10:06 PM

Orange Light Anomaly - Top Right
Date: 08/26/2002 - Time: 11:02 PM

    After the investigation, we found this hand swipe on the back of Mekko's van. It wasn't any of us, and Mekko said it wasn't there when we started. We didn't think anything about it, until we started looking at it and realized that it seemed impossible to make, because of the way the ring finger comes in later than the other fingers. Not sure if it paranormal or not, but it is kind of interesting.


Solar X-Ray:
Geomagnetic Field:
Moon Phase:
68 F
M Class Flare
E-NE 10mph
83% Illumination, Waning

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