-> EMF Meters Explained
     Think you know a lot about EMF meters? Want to know exactly how these things work, and what to look for during potential spirit activity? Want to know the REAL difference between a frequency weighted and non-frequency weighted AC EMF meter, or how about what a Tri-Axis meter is? This article is for you.

-> EMF Meter Comparisons
     Having trouble picking an EMF meter that would suite your needs? This article gives a VERY detailed look at many different AC EMF meters, their pros, cons, and special features of each.

-> The Truth Behind Orbs
     Want to know why you're photographing all those "orbs" with your still camera? Or how about all those great moving "orbs" in nightvision video? This article describes the effect of close contaminants in back lit (ie, flash, nightshot) still photography and video.

-> Photographic Analysis 101
     An in-depth look into analysis of photographs, and common false-positive effects, such as coma, lens flare, and close contaminants. The ONLY way to verify an anomalous photo is to rule out all other potential natural contaminants, this article can teach you how!

-> Common Definitions
     Ok, so what's an anomaly, and what the heck is a plasmoid?? A list of common definitions to words frequently used by paranormal investigators/researchers.

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