Two Axis Static Magnetic Field Meter

     This meter will measure the Earth's static magnetic field along the X and Y axis (west to east, and north to south). It is not an alternating current (AC) meter, as most hand held meters are, but a static field meter, which gives a true reading of the surrounding DC field (like that of a stationary bar magnet). The component level chip used was the two-axis HMC1022, which uses a magnetoresistive 4-element wheatstone bridge that is capable of measuring between -6 and +6 gauss. The output from the bridge is then sent through circuitry that filters and amplifies that signal as desired, leaving one analog signal per axis that reflects the surrounding DC field between -320 to +320 milligauss, with resolution to 621 microgauss. This meter is definitely my favorite, due to it's accuracy, and the fact that it a true DC field meter (AC field meters don't reflect actual field strength, but the field rate of change).

Example Graph:


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