Visible Light Sensor

     This is a visible light sensor, whose spectral sensitivity is very akin to that of the human eye. The component level photodiode used was the BS520, which peaks in sensitivity at 560 nanometers, and has full cutoff to wavelengths over 800 nanometers. The meter is wired with a sensitivity switch, so the investigator can choose the appropriate light intensity need, for maximum resolution. The switch allows for six different positions:
  • 0 - 5 Lux
  • 0 - 20 Lux
  • 0 - 100 Lux
  • 0 - 500 Lux
  • 0 - 2,500 Lux
  • 0 - 75,000 Lux
     Because the meter can read all the way up to 75,000 lux, it can be used in almost any lighting environment, from a low lit bedroom setting, to an outside setting on a bright summer day. The most commonly used setting is the under 20 lux setting, which has resolution to 20.3 millilux.

Example Graph:


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